Wednesday, 25 March 2009

first composition for kiddie books

hello people this is my first of the 8 pages (aka 4 spreads). its only a rough plan for now but still quite indicative of the final thing. Ive chosen to design my own font because the existing ones seem a little too rigid and stark- i think it works quite nice but id rather other people rip into it as a whole where need be. im gonna add very muted colours, but then drain them out to correlate with the middle section of the story where the boy is saddened by the piano breaking.
hope people like it.


  1. Your a hard man to give constructive criticism Milan. I mean the drawings are wonderful, delicate and detailed. I think you're drawing is very strong, but I think you can still focus on some things which may weaken it such as the bottom image the feet are a little ambiguous so maybe try to define them more, as it's a lovely idea with the feet not reaching the pedals so i would say it's important to capitalise on this as you don't want it to lose its impact?

    I like the hand written type and think it's a mass improvement from previous attempts, but i think you should play with layout abit more as I find the current layout rigid and i don't think it does your drawings it's full justice!

    Your most of the way there as you have the story and substance in your drawings to back it, you just need to tweak things round and need to keep looking to make sure you do your work the justice it deserves, but overall good work!

  2. thanks murray yeah a few people of mentioned that about the bottom image- ill go back into it and increase the contrast with pencil.

    ill try looking into the layout too- im crap at rearranging stuff but ill give it a go, maybe textures instead of plain white too?

    thanks for your compliments and advice :)