Thursday, 11 June 2009

winners of waterstones comp

hey they announced the winners. i thought it was worth a mention becuase the work is wonderful!
its worth a look at. and i learnt quite alot from looking at it.
my fave has to be alexis patterson.


  1. well done for finding the results! Some good stuff, but nothing you lot couldn't do, and better!

  2. cherry your entry shits on all of these! didnt want to sound crude but it was much better!
    karen george's looks like a rip off of raymond briggs lol and the last one a little quentin blakey. the first two look quite nice, anna collison's was most different i think- most of them are fairly safe entries though i reckon thats what the panel have gone for. i can't see the collison's one winning cuz its a bit dark, although i thinks its quite nice.