Thursday, 24 March 2011

Owl and Pussycat

I actually did this a couple of weeks ago but have been extra-ordinarily busy and forgot to share, this is nottt a final. just a larger experiment to do with finishing techniques. it is heading in the direction i want though! more to come over the next week hopefully.... text placement looks a bit dodge to me, any suggestions with it anyone?

also - people who didnt go to london on tuesday, i took lots of photos some of which are on my blog feel free to steal!


  1. very brave to have such a simple composition - you need to look at your work occasionally and imagine if it was a book that you might buy? Would you buy it for that page, if not what would you change?

  2. i went to the primary school today! so bizarre, the kids showed me their favourite books, the only one i knew was funnybones, and all the rest the illustrations did not appeal to me at all. they loved the ones where the pictures had a lot going on that they could talk about, characters that showed a lot of emotion, but a clever/funny story/concept seemed to over rule the illustrations.. was something to think about anyway, when looking at it like this, i cant see them thinking much of this one!
    i also spoke to the reading teacher who showed me the books she used to teach the less able kids, i think you would have shuddered chiu, she said how literal the pictures have to be compared to the text, it made me laugh!

  3. hahaha! I know the score don't worry. There is without a doubt two sides to the industry. Your middle class, often bohemian and well to do background publishers who publish books that are "illustration" orientated for their class of readers, and your let's get books out that kids want, if they like it and it will sell, then fine - otherwise how do you think sara fanelli would ever get published? I don't know any "normal" children who LOVE her books. It boils down to cultural education - though France is exactly the same - How many people prefer MacDonalds over a home made burger?? Let alone an Ostrich Burger (yummy)
    The question for you is which is it that you want?
    and our expectation is predominately the middle class one - we are after all a school of illustration :)