Tuesday, 23 November 2010

RCC rough ideas.....

To begin with I felt very lost

Memories of the desert entwined with the winter

And created a block in my mind.

But slowly...
Things began to make a little more sence

And after finding my feet again

I saw the end was in sight

Just a little red book in my blue hands.

The formatting on this post has gone to pot and I can't seem to sort it, but I think it still gets the idea across.
I have tried to make this more about experimentation and design and my journey of trying to work past a block....but is this enough for an RCC?
There are 3 double page spreads missing which I'm working on, and obviously the text isn't on yet, but I just wanted to play around with much more collage and work on the backgrounds first.
The 4th image down will have collaged clocks on it which are not there yet, and the 2nd and 3rd needs much more work but these are just preliminary ideas and I'm not even sure if the story is appropriate!?
Any feedback would be great. :)


  1. great start - but only chapter one to me of about six chapters!

    lots for you to do!!!

  2. I like this, I thought it was an picture book idea at first! I think the first couple of pages are the best, I like the detail of the maps and the photograph of the camel is a nice touch.
    I like the theme too, it's appropriate as a starting chapter I guess, leads on to your development after getting past a work block.
    Good luck with it! :)