Saturday, 20 November 2010

My Manuscript

This is my new improved Manuscript that follows the existing formula of the three bears but parodies elements of it and tries to recreate it in to a school scenario 
target audience i am aiming for is 4 to 8s. 

Rough Flat plan keeping it fairly linear layout for the moment 

The only concern i have with this sprit is whether to call them bears throughout the whole story or teachers as its supposed to be a cheap gag just like how Russell Ayto nick names characters in his story Captain Flinn and the pirate Dinosaurs. 

here’s an example...... 

(Mrs Pie) 

And the three protagonist names are parodies of different bear species.

I also began thinking about what media would work well for my story and looked in to watercolour for my scenes and objects the characters interact with.

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  1. i like your flatplans looks like it flows really well :)