Sunday, 24 October 2010

Test piece done

Put the two images together to make the double page spread, text would go on the second page in the white space.


  1. clever, clever! Single scene, two time spaces with the character from the first page having landed in the second - very clever :)

    Also, didn't want to comment on the first page, as I thought it was a step back in composition, but with the addition of the second page I see that you still got it :)

  2. on more critical inspection it's like you half did the seem-less scene? Plus no more complete flat ons please - part of the character can be flat on if you must, but you should really make parts of the body in three quarter - you do make ever so small an angle with the body and arms, but this is very slight - every time people draw flat ons it belies their lack in confidence in drawing characters :(