Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Dissertation Presentation Notes

Dissertation Presentation (presentation will be up on Moodle at some point.)
• To be submitted end of January, week 15.
• 90% will be the 5000-6000 word essay or critical commentary
• 10% will be seminar presentation.
• Think about the link to Negotiated Project.
• Mode and Topic.
• Research and References
• Time management (production plan)

Action points:
1. Devise a coherent argument underpinned by appropriate use of scholarly research from primary and secondary sources.
2. Communicate an understanding of the theoretical and philosophical aspects in your chosen area.
3. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the key aspects of a defined area of your subject.
4. Reflect an effectiveness of research and its impact on your development.
5. Construct a well presented and referenced dissertation with good English.

Mode 1 – Illustrated Essay
• Should be a sustainable topic closely related to your Negotiated Project.
• Presented in an academic form.
• Structured in a recognisable way;
o Contents page
o Chapters (Should include 3 – 4 chapters)
o Bibliography
o Appendix (Everything you have gathered whilst researching and referenced, for example questionnaires, interviews, surveys, telephone conversation transcripts/evidence.)

Mode 2 – Reflective Critical Commentary
• Should reflect an intellectual journey tailored to suit your practice.
• Develop and reflect your visual and intellectual practice.
• Organised and critically structured interpretation.
• Should be a linear creative journey.
• Consider research areas and content analysis.
• Make sure you state your reasoning for the routes and decisions you make.
• Evaluation of your own work – concepts/ideas/visual language.
• Reach a conclusion.
• Keep in mind layout and it’s potential as a creative and designed document.

George kept saying how important it was not to forget to put your research and references into this as a lot of students didn’t last year.
There’s no word limit but should be the same amount of time spent as the Essay.

Dos and Don’ts
Mode 1
• Must relate to Negotiated project.
• Must include Primary and Secondary research.
• Be academic in structure but should convey some personality and your area of interest.
• Investigation, Discussion, Proposition and Argument.
• Plan your essay, consider its structure and make sure it’s clear and coherent.
• Should be a clear thread of investigation.
• Must include a bibliography (Harvard referencing)
• Must be informative.
• Should be intended for yourself as well as others – make it interesting and engaging.
• Check grammar and spelling.
• Make sure you leave enough time to get it bound appropriately.
• Don’t waffle – be concise.
• Don’t plagiarise – reference all material used from other sources.

Mode 2
• Show your design process and journey.
• Should be a marriage of research and its effect on your own work and your thinking.
• Should be an evaluation/analysis of your work and research
• Include a bibliography.
• Make sure the overall design matches your area of practice.
• Be creative.
• Check grammar and spelling.
• Don’t fail to include research and its connections.
• Use your time wisely.
• Don’t rush the design; show creative design skills.
• Deadlines – think ahead if using things like Blurb to put journal together.

Advice and Help
- Help at the Academic Skills Centre on Campus North. Tutorials on academic writing for example.
- Ask for guidance.

- Should be used to structure presentation
- Include introduction, chapters, people to interview etc.
- Highlight line of discussion/interrogation.
- Show clearly proposition and research area.
- May include written piece also.


  1. I've got a handout to which tells you how to reference and do a bibliography as well as other advice but I can't get it to load properly so I'll bring in a copy next week.