Thursday, 3 December 2009

spread test

Hi, Here is a mock up of my first spread. The type is just temporary and will change. Wanted to ask your opinion on:

I am going to colour the right hand image - should I?
Layout of left hand page
The edges of the spot illustrations - how is the cropping?
:) thanks!

(heres the originals)


  1. layout is fine, though I would not do the umber colour top and bottom edges, but instead make the whole page the ivory white that you use. And leave more space for the numbers and the top of the page (bigger margins)

    I wouldn't colour the one on the left, but then as a student you should explore this possibility

  2. i think i would like to see the right one as coloured..but with muted-desatured colours rather than bright ones...
    Think it would sort of balance more the spread as the left one is so busy compared to the right one.