Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Kit Williams

There was an interesting documentary about painter and infamous illustrator Kit Williams on BBC4 tonight. I would have posted it before it happened but i didn't know until I was actually watching it o.o However it should be on iPlayer soon-

It's worth watching if only because he's an amazing painter and very eccentric!


  1. back in the days he caused quite a stir with "Masquerade"
    Apparently a girlfriend discovered some clues, and whilst she was drunk passed them on?

    Anyway it was all before your time, no?

  2. bloody brilliant programme, means much to me, as I felt the full media impact at the time. Also some really interesting comments all round. Classification of fine art and the distinction between his work and fine art. Impress skills, and very British - that lovely cup of tea British - another world, that I rarely see in Brumland. Perhaps if we divided the UK into these two different lands then we would appreciate people form that other land more? Lastly still I think he's a perv, a highly skilled craftsman perv :)

  3. probably comes from his surpressed childhood!
    but still..loved his work and the programme...i actually had no idea who he was..
    thnx jess! :D

  4. Yeh he was a perv...all those young girls being groped by old men. Still very much an inspiration and a craftsman.

    Apparently he took his girlfriend at the time when he went to mark the spot and she figured it lame!

    Didn't you love how he was this crazy old eccentric building boats and skulking in his cottage...why can I picture Chiu like that in a decade or two?