Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Katie's things! (Not Tristram's)

Above are some images I've been working on for my new story.
Its about hairy Harry and how he finds a monster in his wardrobe.
Its explained in a fairly brief page by page description in the video.
I did these in the opposite order than they appear.

I don't know why all of this is underlined, or how to stop it.


  1. oooh i really like the scenes in that panel page! very interesting :)

  2. at around 1.28 off the video, I think the monster should say:
    "I overheard you saying that you couldn't stand your hair, how you wished it was short. That's why I've been chasing you! I've always wanted ginger hair!"

  3. and to be very very honest, I think you should write the story as you tell it, with all it's little eccentricities and allow the Katie humour to flow out of you, hahahahaha! No seriously, I would buy that book!

  4. BTW. Are those rough sketches? Cause they look like rough sketches?