Sunday, 4 September 2011

Velociraptor development for picture book

  I have chosen to focus on dinosaurs and move away from dragons. I will be producing illustrations for an information/category book on dinosaurs and I have decided to start with a species called velociraptor, made famous by the Jurassic park films. There are more drawings to come including some drawings of raptors in interesting positions and angles. The drawings so far I am happy with although they have all come out as darker images. This could be because I am using a mechanical pencil that I only have one shade for. The images are fairly consistent with each other but i feel detail is lost because of this.

Rough plan of things I could include

Drawn from the jurassic park film. 

Fossil of foot print

Fossil of tooth

Raptor killing claw
Raptor egg fully developed

more detailed head of previous drawing

Velociraptor skull

my very first digital painting on photoshop

I will also be drawing diagrams of how the raptors kill their prey and also a diagram of their scale. These are just some drawings so far. I will need to think about the text to accompany the drawings and also layout for the book for example double page spreads. I will continue to draw and hopefully improve the quality as i progress.

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  1. bit better!

    I'm going to throw you into the massive deep end:

    1/ life drawing classes
    2/ anatomy classes both human and other mammals
    3/ Trips to natural history museum (which we could do)
    4/ zoological studies