Monday, 20 June 2011

Dragon with background

I have attempted a background, trying to get the balance right so it doesn't all merge together. but may try 
using pencil as well as just pen and try to get some grey tones in there. but i will photocopy and experiment. any feed back would be grand. for the next pieces i will include more characters interacting in a scene and see how that goes but this one is just the dragon and his castle.

This is it more detailed i may photocopy it and see what the trees look like black then the dragon
may stand out more. image is also slightly slanted because i had to take a photo, need an a3 scanner still looking at the moment. 


  1. i really like this, love the detail in the dragon.if i had any criticism it would just be to work on the detail in the background so that your illustrations have more consistency :).keep up the work, will be posting my images very soon

  2. I like it to, foreground, mid-ground, and a slightly flat castle background - more depth in building, or sky or background to castle? But more importantly sketches that explore composition as opposed to spending so long on anticipated finished drawings - you should have half a dozen explorations of this one pictorial idea - it's a great idea, the dragon hiding within the forest looking upon the castle
    Another thing would be to start thinking about the format of the spread, not page, but spread? horizontal, portrait?