Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Latest on the owl and the pussycat

Haven't done as much work over christmas as I would have liked to, but getting back into finishing the final page for my book, this is really big and I havent quite worked out how to get the finished thing on to computer yet to play around with? This is just a photo on my SLR and has worked out ok so may have to use this method. Is there a scanner big enough or would I have to scan it in pieces then join it? This is watercolour on my screenprint, Im going to do another watercolour to try put behind my acetate for screenprint as I lost alot of the detail in the screenprint. Been playing around with the colouring , still havent got it right yet though.
As for the text, just popped it on quickly to try get an idea of what it will look like as a whole, it is the font im using but will obviously fiddle with size and placement. and will have it printed seperately on acetate!


  1. As a student Good Job! (Hancock 2008)

    As an illustrator producing a sophisticated double spread, not so good job

    Like I said before, don't let the lure of the process blind your aesthetic judgement - the drawn buildings in your studies had more potential

    The type could work - think about the write size, as when it's reduced you don't want the type being to small

    the background wash and style still too crude - you need to do some more comparative studies to deal with this - same with the pea

    composition however great - love the contrast between the complexity of the buildings/city, and the simplicity of the sea

    I suspect you expected me to say most of the above

    I do see your book as having lots of potential and you eventually working a very appealing and sophisticated language, but you can see the areas you need to work on


  2. aaaaaah. i have tried with the acetate but i think i prefer the way the screenprint sits with the background, do you think its the colours that need fixing? ill try some more styles with the sea,
    ive drawn/ painted that dastardly sea so many times now its driving me crazyy,
    question - the final dummy book we hand in on monday, could this be the dummy book i did before, but with the pages that are revamped repaced or stuck on over ? or whole new dummy book? x

  3. The dummy book must be actual size of book! Be careful that you don't just "make do" what you can do is blow up your existing images to the right size - Alexis Deacon often enlarged his smaller drawings!

    I just don't think the screen print does justice to your drawing :)

  4. humhum, my dummy book i made at first is the right size so i think im going to take out the pages i want to redo, because i quite liked a lot of the drawings in it anyway.. ill take a picture of the picture i did with the acetate and post that..
    this measures approx 4 A4 sheets wide, would it be best to scan the final in in bits and join it, or take a photo on my slr? to then reduce down to actual book sizeee.
    so many questioonnss, thankss :)

  5. always scan and re -stitch through photoshop - if you could uni has an A3 scanner

    plus the sea answer could be about creating more depth so that the closer the waves bigger the further the waves smaller - plus a bigger issue, is not taking the sea so literally, but imagining it as hair or spaghetti!

  6. haha okay got it, thankss :)

  7. mind you! Don't make it as complicated as the buildings! Or then you may loose that lovely contrast! Whoah isn't life full of contradictions :) I suppose you just have to keep experimenting - and maybe get some decent water colour paper?