Saturday, 11 December 2010



  1. it's still not 100% there, but you are going forward inch by inch developing a language which already has an appeal :) I think you need to do hand drawn lettering following that type face you've been using recently

    another thing to do, would be to paint on the back surface of the acetate sheet - thus you have three surfaces - the facing surface of the acetate with ink pen marks, the back surface with acrylic paint marks and the paper surface with your pastels?

  2. Fair point, and the only trouble is, I did this on quite thick tracing paper and then changed it in photoshop. (I will do that and go through the same process I did though and see how it turns out)
    I'm trying to get a little less scared of computers!! Hence the text and everything, thought doing that would give me more of a chance to work on my compositions and get this bloody dummy book and final spreads up to scratch. I figure if I can use photoshop for touch up's I might not freak out so much when it comes to finals, who knows though!!
    But yes, I will have a bash hopefully at doing some hand drawn text on some based on that font :)