Friday, 19 February 2010

Digital colouring

Here is a pencil drawing which I have coloured digitally. I am currently debating whether to use digital colouring for my next project ... What do people think? Does it add anything to the drawing? (you can see the original at my blog)
I am in two minds at the moment about whether I should stick with this method, or try something else.



  1. Hey kate i think this is nice, maybe tone down the colours a little? i love the colouring of the two red-ish birds left and right. I think you're work looks badass original so try and get a blend of the two so i'd say lessen the strength of the colour maybe. not sure about the pink?? awesome drawing by the way. xx

  2. I like the colour palette! It all balances very well, but for me it's the flatness of the different shades of beige in the trees, mountains and hair that looks too crude. And like Milan, I think the birds are amazing! I also love the texture in the mud - so what did I learn from your image - that the more texture you allow to show through the more interesting the drawing remains after adding colour, hence Milan's idea of de-saturating some of the colours may be achieved by turning changing the opacity instead

  3. ooh yeah turn the opacity down and let the texture shine through because that doesn't let the colour conceal the true quality of the drawing. i think the rest of the colour palette is lovely- i dont know its just the block pink that puts me off a bit