Thursday, 18 December 2008

Alexis Deacon Master Draughtsman

it's good to see picture book illustrators that also have exquisite draftsmanship qualities:

from an article in the guardian:
"A distinguishing feature of Deacon's illustration is the unusual quality of the line, which he achieves by photocopying and enlarging his original drawings. He started this when he didn't have the confidence to work on a larger scale, and he found that the photocopier gave the line "bulk and body", enabling him to develop the drawing with greater freedom. He also takes an inventive approach to colour, which involves oiling the paper to make it transparent, then applying paint from behind. This gives the illustration a muted luminosity without obscuring the line"
which can be read in full here which also includes some quite sad and worrying information about Deacon's health::

1 comment:

  1. WOW this is very beautiful and inspiring. Must resist temptation to buy all his books!
    Will definitely try out his painting from behind technique.
    It's a shame he is so ill ...